March 14, 2013

On-hold Messages Replace Dead Air

on-hold messages replace dead airHow long will you stay on the phone when you’re put on hold and forced to listen to silence? How long will your customers? If you are regularly placing your callers on hold and offering them no value during that time, they will start to feel unappreciated and resentful, thereby leaving a negative view of your company in their minds. However, there is an alternative. On-hold messages replace dead air effectively and easily.

Whether your customers are on hold for 10 seconds while transferring the call or for 15 minutes while waiting in the queue, you can provide them with valuable information to keep them engaged with your company. For instance, how about sharing your latest offerings or specials? FAQs about the business and your operating procedures? Even fun trivia will keep listeners on the line.

America On Hold creates on-hold commercials. These brief, value-laden messages are written by dedicated scriptwriters who know your brand and work with you to share exactly what your customers want and need to know while they’re on hold. It’s 100% true that on-hold messages replace dead air—and create a call to action for your callers.

But there is an effective way to share commercials and a not-so-effective way.

As human beings, we cannot process too much information at one time. So if you’re bombarding your callers with multiple messages one right after the other, they’re likely to tune out pretty quickly. Instead, try a different method: intersperse your commercials with some music to allow them to digest and transition. Then they’ll be ready to hear your next offering and stay engaged with your brand while on hold.

Or you could just stick with silence.

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