June 18, 2013

Your Call IS Important to Us. Really.

your call is important to usWhen callers call in to your company to reach a customer-service professional, they may only have a quick question to ask, one which may already have an answer somewhere else. How about directing those customers to different ways to connect with you and find out those simple answers?

If your customers’ calls are important to you—and, of course, they are—you want to resolve the reason for their call faster rather than slower. What if the answer is on your website in the FAQ section? Or they can reach an associate via social media during your high-traffic phone times? You can utilize your on-hold messaging to provide those alternative ways to reach you to give them even better customer service.

Some businesses may find that a message on their on-hold system can be a great way to answer those common questions. For instance, an electricity provider may let callers know which areas don’t have service while they’re waiting to call in the outage. If you receive questions that frequently, incorporating them into your phone system is one solution.

Remember that your on-hold messages are just one component of an integrated marketing campaign, which may include social media, direct marketing, website, and advertising. The more closely you can link all of those—and create a reason for customers to interact with you on multiple levels—the faster your efforts will pay off.

So, when you script your new on-hold message, consider adding the different ways your customers can reach you quickly to find out the answers to their questions. You’ll see that your customer service level and the customer experience will get better and better!

Have a question about creating your new on-hold message campaign? Contact America On Hold at 877.239.HOLD.

June 10, 2013

Your Phone As an Electric Lobby

electric lobbySuccessful companies understand how to take advantage of every point of contact with consumers. Many companies focus on making their websites and physical locations friendly and inviting to customers, but few extend those to all points of contact. Are your other points of contact with customers equally helpful and inviting? Instead of thinking of your phone as just another means of communication, consider your phone as an electric lobby.

Your phone is the first point of contact when customers call your business. Obviously, you should ensure the person representing your business is professional, courteous, and helpful. What happens when all your company representatives are on the phone with customers and incoming calls must be placed on hold? If you’re still thinking of your phone as an “electronic lobby,” how inviting is your company to on-hold customers?

If the answer isn’t “Very!” you are missing out on good impressions and valuable sales. How do you make your electronic lobby more inviting to consumers? Take advantage of on-hold messages! Sure, playing music while on hold is a step up from total silence, but surely, you can be more creative. When  customers are on hold, they are a captive audience. Engage with your audience!

Use on-hold messages to share information about your company, current specials, other points of contact (email, social media, etc.), and so much more! On-hold messages are easy to change, so you have the option of testing different messages to see which garner a better response (for more information on testing different messages, click here).

On-hold messages are customized for every business. When customers call your business and receive a customized on-hold message, they view your business as more reliable. Many customers associate customized on-hold messages with larger corporations, so smaller businesses utilizing hold messaging have the added advantage of those associations.

On-hold messages allow you to connect and engage with customers in a customized way. Turn your dead on-hold air into an inviting “electronic lobby” and watch your sales increase!

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