September 6, 2013

Create Great On-hold Messages: Fall into Solid Marketing Habits

great on-hold messagesAh, fall. It’s a time when kids head back to school, the temperatures begin to cool, and Mother Nature awes us with her show of color. It’s also a great time to get focused on your business goals so that you can slide into the end of year on a high note. There are many things you can do to end the year with solid marketing habits, and one thing you can start with is to create great on-hold messages.


What is going on in your business that you can share with your callers this fall? For instance, car dealerships are looking to empty out their 2012 inventory to make room for the 2013 models. Many other companies also strive to clear inventory by the end of the year, so consider featuring a different product weekly to develop great on-hold messages.


Of course, there are a number of holidays coming up in the next few months, and this is a great time to tie into holiday preparations. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and winter holidays seem to come earlier each year, so get your customers ready by offering them specials or bringing attention to these events.


If you don’t have anything about autumn, winter, or end-of-year events to share in your business, a change of season is still a great time to update your on-hold message. How about an educational tidbit? An answer to frequently asked questions? When we turn the page on a season, it’s always a good reminder to test your smoke detectors, replace the batteries in your emergency flashlights, and update your on-hold messages.


Still not sure what to say to create great on-hold messages this fall? Our team of scriptwriters will create compelling copy that our talent will record and our editing team will put together so your customers will WANT to be on hold!

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