December 1, 2013

The Season Is Here for On-hold Messages

Ready or not, we’ve entered the holidays. Whether you already have your closets full of presents and your shopping list complete or you’re just hoping to ignore the hype for as long as possible, remember to make your on-hold messages double as your storefront. This doesn’t necessarily mean your messages need to sound like a holiday soundtrack (unless that’s a fit for your business), but you should be maximizing this retail opportunity.


Here’s how playing up the holiday season is a win-win for you and your on-hold customers:


Reward your callers: Mention an exclusive holiday promo code that they can use online or over the phone, or run a special on a particularly hot item. Either way, make it exclusive to customers who hear it while on hold.


Keep it easy: It’s already a busy time, so if you can remind a customer about your services while they’re on the phone with you, you’ve not only saved them time, but you’ve also prevented them from looking somewhere else. Ultimately, you’re reminding them that your company could help them cross something off their holiday to-do list.


Plan ahead: This end-of-year shopping frenzy isn’t limited to retail stores with holiday items. Household and business services can be packaged as gift cards and certificates, or you can plant the seed for customers to start planning for 2013 budgets. For example, a business might not be looking to sign up for an outside coffee service for their employees right now, but you can benefit by mentioning that now is a great time to start thinking about 2013 and even offer discounts for signing up prior to the start of the new year.


If your on-hold messages could use a little holiday spirit, let the experts at America On Hold help you craft the right on-hold messages for the season. We’ll make sure that you are capitalizing on year-end shopping and preparation.

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