February 19, 2014

On-Hold Messages Are Your Advertising Goldmine

The Super Bowl… the Winter Olympic Games… March Madness… the Stanley Cup…. All of these events are big sporting competitions, but they are also huge opportunities for companies to spend millions of dollars on advertising to reach their target markets. Every year, from diehard fans to those who rarely follow sports, people are gathered in front of their televisions to watch the big games. And they have become a captive audience for advertisers who vie for the biggest and best eye-catching commercials. But what if you don’t have a million-dollar advertising budget? With on-hold messaging, you can have as big an impact — possibly bigger! — as Coke, Pepsi, and Budweiser.


On-hold Messages Are Targeted to YOUR Audience
The joy of on-hold messages is that they are only heard by people who are calling your business. That means those callers are already interested in what you offer, and once you put them on hold, they are captive, much like sports enthusiasts waiting for the next big play. Callers don’t want to hear silence, and while a string of top-40 hits may have them singing along while waiting for you to return to the line, on-hold messages are created to answer questions or push callers to ask about special products or services.


On-hold Messages Cost a Fraction of TV Advertising
Each year, we wait to see how much a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl costs. For the 2014 game, it was $4 million. Unless you are a global conglomerate, it’s unlikely you have that many pennies in your coffers. Instead of throwing everything you have at what might or might not turn into a significant ROI (and they often don’t), on-hold messages are guaranteed to reach the right people. And the cost starts in the hundreds per month instead of the millions.


Updating On-hold Messages Is Easy and Painless
After you’ve seen that multimillion-dollar spot a couple of times, well, you’ve seen it. It’s no longer fall-over funny, nor does it elicit any tears like it did the first time you saw it. So the companies have to go back to the drawing board to create new material, hire actors, film the cars making hairpin turns, and then buy air time … all of which adds up to millions yet again. On-hold messages, on the other hand, require little more than an idea of your message, talented scriptwriters, voice actors, and a good editing team to update what callers hear. All of this can happen as frequently or infrequently as you choose, and most of the time it’s included in your monthly cost.


Capture Your Market with On-hold Messages
Curious how you can make a huge impact by adding on-hold messages to your marketing mix? Call America On Hold at 877.239.HOLD for more information. And use those millions for a nice house in the Hamptons. We’d love to get away this summer.

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