May 20, 2014

Don’t Miss an Opportunity!

Have you heard that nearly 60% of business callers who are placed on hold will hang up if they are given dead air? It’s as if they’re put into a black hole; they don’t know if anyone is still around or if you’re even coming back to care for them. That’s where on-hold messaging can make a huge difference.


Marketing and branding happen 24/7/365 — even when your customers are on hold. There’s a golden opportunity here to extend your reach and cement that message when you share value through on-hold messaging. Sure, you could just use music, and that would be something. But what if you could tell your customers and prospects about what’s new in your business or your latest promotions? What if you could share with them value? After all, that’s what everyone is seeking in this economy: more for less. By simply adding a little content to the line for those few seconds or minutes your customers are placed on hold, their perceived value of your company, products, and services will multiply.


The long and short of it is this: If you’re putting your customers on hold to silence, you’re missing an opportunity. Not only will they likely hang up, but you’ve also skipped the chance to share with them something of value. Enhance their experience and add another component to your marketing campaign with a custom on-hold message. You’ll likely see results sooner rather than later.


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