Get Fresh with Your Callers

In the world of dating, getting fresh may be followed by a quick slap to ward off unwanted affection. But when we’re talking about the messages you’re sending your customers, you MUST get — and stay — fresh to keep your audience engaged.


There’s a difference between having a consistent message and keeping it fresh; ideally, you should be doing both. For instance, when McDonald’s updated their slogan to “I’m lovin’ it,” they didn’t change their core message that they are a quick-service restaurant focused on burgers and fries. Their logo stayed the same. What they did was to update the approach to keep the message fresh and timely for their target audience.


No one wants to hear the exact same thing over and over. To put it simply, it’s boring. But you can say the same thing in many different ways to ensure that you’re sharing the point you want to share while keeping listeners engaged. One place to do this is in your on-hold messages. Your rotation may be monthly or quarterly, but be sure to update the message to keep it fresh. Try adding in a different call to action, such as asking callers to like your Facebook page, or ask for their feedback on a new idea you’re considering.


Just remember that there’s a fine line between keeping things fresh and confusing your customers. If the message changes too often or hits too far from the familiar, you’re likely to lose people. Vary slightly instead of changing everything overnight and you’ll likely find that customers are eager to hear more about your company, products, and services.

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