Make Your On-hold Messages Social

Multitasking is easily part of our day-to-day routines. Add technology to that mix, and you have a customer who is on hold with your company while also using a laptop or tablet. This is the perfect opportunity to use that distraction to your advantage by promoting your social media presence and directing them to those sites while they’re still on the phone with you.

Reminding customers about your social media is a great way for them to:

Reach your company in a nontraditional way.
Maybe customers have questions after the call — and after business hours. They remember your company has a Twitter account, so that’s an easy way for them to still touch base with your company while it’s on their mind.

Learn about other aspects of your company.
You might already be the pizza place they love, but when they visit your restaurant’s Facebook page and see photos of the neighborhood youth soccer team you sponsor, they’ve just learned about another way you’re involved in the community.

Hear from other customers.
Yelp, Twitter, and Facebook are a great way to showcase happy customers enjoying engaging with your company.

Increase exposure.
If customers become engaged in your social media, their relationship with you lasts after the phone call when they see your company’s posts, tweets, and videos pop up in their social media feeds.

Find more value in your company.
A customer might just be calling to check up on the status of a recent clothing order, but if your messaging has a reminder to check out your company’s new Pinterest board featuring your YouTube video “50 Ways to Tie a Scarf” the customer becomes interested in another facet of your company, and possibly another purchase.

If you’re interested in increasing exposure for your social media marketing efforts through your on-hold messaging, let the experts at America On Hold help you craft the right message.

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