What Is Your Marketing Call to Action?

You’ve heard the saying “the devil is in the details.” Most of the time, this is completely true. Take directions, for example: If you say, “Drive five minutes and then turn right,” the person who drives fast will take the wrong turn. But you can also get bogged down in the details, and that’s where you’ll lose your audience. This is most certainly true in on-hold messages. As with any other aspect of marketing, you need your marketing call to action: the thing that you want people to do when faced with your message.


When your customers are on hold, you have a matter of moments to market to them while they are waiting for an associate to come back on the line or their call to be transferred. Typically, they’re thinking of what they’re going to say when that person answers the phone and aren’t as tuned in to the marketing messages as you might like. This is the time to capture their attention simply and directly with your marketing call to action — and not to burden them with too many details.


For instance, choose just one marketing call to action in your message. There’s no need to offer three options for people to get in touch with you. In fact, just one would be fine: “Ask your associate when he/she returns to the line.” Assume that your customers aren’t listening with pens poised to jot down an email address, website, or different number to call.


If you follow “KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid,” you will be just fine. If you have questions on how to simply share your marketing messages with your customers through on-hold messaging, contact us. Our scriptwriters will create compelling content that says exactly what you want to say and what your customers want to hear—and at the end of the day, that’s music to everyone’s ears.

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