On-hold Messages for Business

If you have or work for a successful company, the likelihood is that customers who call into your office will have to be put on hold, whether that’s for 30 seconds or 15 minutes. On-hold messages for business can make a big difference in the grand scheme of customer service and marketing, and help customers think highly of your business.


For too many companies, when callers are put on hold, they hear either silence or bland music interspersed with, “Your message is important to us; we’ll be on the line as soon as possible.” If your customers are on hold for a matter of seconds, this could be fine, but if they’re on hold long enough to take a stake in the music or message droning in their ear, you might want to consider upping the stakes with on-hold messages for business.


On-hold messages for business offer an alternative to just music or that monotonous voice that shares the length of time callers have been waiting. And the alternative they provide is the golden goose: marketing. Marketing on the phone is painless; you have a captive audience who is waiting to speak with you, so why not talk to those people? Instead of leaving them to their own thoughts about what’s for dinner or what they’re going to wear tomorrow, give them juicy information about your business, your latest offers, or what they should talk to the representative about when she comes back on the phone.


One major concern many companies have about incorporating on-hold messages for business is the cost. If you get this much value on the phone, it must be astronomically expensive, right? Wrong. In fact, on-hold messages may be the most cost-effective component of your integrated marketing efforts! And it may also be your most effective, given that the messages are targeted and already reaching people who want to learn more about your company.


So offer your callers an alternative to the silence and the loud elevator music that may be causing them to hang up the phone. Try marketing to them instead. Call America On Hold at 877.239.HOLD to get started.

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