The Secret to Pervasive Branding

Sometimes, as we go about running our businesses and just making sure everything is progressing as it should, we forget about our customers’ perceptions. As focused as we are on customer service and providing the best experience, branding may become something we take for granted. “We have a good brand. Our customers know us and like us.” While that may be your internal perception, what’s the truth in the world of your customers?


Recently, @jongaskill shared on Twitter: “For a company with the ‘industry’s best customer service,’ #directv has the WORST hold music.” This clearly illustrates that DirecTV is doing what they need to be doing to score big on customer service, but they are forgetting their overall brand appeal with one vital component: their phone image. Since many customers interact with DirecTV via the phone, this perception is instantly elevated from a “little” thing to the crux of their business identity.


Branding occurs through various outlets: the company website, social media, radio and television advertisements, public relations, direct and e-mail communications, text messaging, and phone interactions. Unfortunately, too many companies forget that branding IS pervasive, and each outlet needs to complement the others. Whether it’s a clear message or just the choice of music that runs while clients are on hold, those impressions add up to create your brand.


So take another look at the overall message you’re sending, no matter how customers are interacting with your company. Is it consistent? Is it professional? Does every component create a similar experience for your customers? If not, you may have some work to do! America On Hold can help you to enhance your overall brand with the RIGHT on-hold messaging and music, so you don’t see a tweet about your company like the one @jongaskill sent.

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