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Advanced Communications Enhances Their Customers' Marketing Campaigns Through On-Hold Messaging

Powerful Technology Enables Companies to Extend Their Brand Image and Promote Their Value Proposition to Specific Audiences Cost Effectively

MORRISTOWN, TN - October 26, 2009 - Advanced Communications, an industry leader in unified communications, announced today that the company is placing greater emphasis on enhancing their customers' marketing campaigns through the utilization of on-hold messaging. During a recession, marketing is one of the first line items that is typcally reduced; however, those organizations that continue to market experience faster growth when the economy recovers. On-hold messaging is an inexpensive tool that delivers phenomenal results and allows companies to continue to communicate their core messages. Most small to mid-sized businesses miss out on the opportunity to market to their customers while they wait on the phone. The technology that Advanced Communications has brought to the marketplace enables organizations to extend the brand image, while at the same time promoting their value proposition to specific audiences cost effectively.

A number of studies have been conducted over the years illustrating the marketing power of on-hold messaging as well as the negative impact complete silence has on those that are made to wait on hold. For example, Voice Response Magazine reported that 60% of callers placed on hold with silence for longer than 40 seconds hang up, while 34% of those callers never call back. "On-hold messaging is not a new technology or marketing concept by any means," explained Terry Fishburn, President of Advanced Communications. "Unfortunately, most companies have not implemented it. Their callers either hear dead air or some form of meaningless elevator music. As a result, companies may lose potential customers forever or miss out on the opportunity to tell them valuable information."

Companies that develop effective on-hold messaging programs consistent with their integrated marketing plan truly reap the technology's rewards. If it's done right on-hold messaging reduces caller abandonment and educates callers on a variety of topics. It's a terrific form of one-to-one marketing because it gives companies the ability to cross-sell products, while promoting discounts, upcoming events, awards or new services and locations. Plus, messages can be completely customized to target specific demographic, socioeconomic, and geographic groups. For example, a twenty something may call a company's 800# and hear one message designed for her, while a baby boomer may call the same company but come in through a different 800# and listen to a message customized for their age group.

"Our role as our customer's trusted technology provider is to bring solutions that increase profitability, productivity, and company image," added Mr. Fishburn. "It is our responsibility to first understand their objectives, especially from a branding standpoint and show them how to effectively develop an on-hold message program. Those that have successfully implemented this unique marketing tool experience an increase in sales and higher satisfaction levels because their customers are better informed. We're looking forward to improving the relationships of our customers with the companies they serve by bringing greater awareness to on-hold messaging. Every opportunity to communicate is critical, especially during economic times like these."


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